My passion is transforming businesses and nonprofits. By finding endemic challenges and applying innovative, socially conscious solutions, I drive success. Fearlessly.

In her role as Director of Volunteers, the Cactoctin Foundation boasted an unprecedented 33% increase in volunteer hours. Veseth-Nelson managed over 200 volunteers, many of them medical providers, nurses and office teams.
As Director of Professional Development and Public Relations, Veseth-Nelson oversaw the organizational structure of the medical clinic and team, facilitating conditions for the comprehensive care of 1,300 patients in Loudoun County. Veseth-Nelson represented the clinic in radio, video and print.
Veseth-Nelson is co-founder and Executive Director of Invisible Wound, a non profit that focuses on advocacy, education and programming for those who identify as having invisible or moral injuries. Veseth-Nelson managed partnerships with Kansas State University and the Walter Reed Foundation to execute several therapeutic retreats held across the country. Invisible Wound has championed evidence based programming through science, working with scientists at Kansas State to acquire critical data through cortisol testing. She has represented the organization globally on television, film, radio and print.
In her role as Assistant Executive Director of Allaire Village, Veseth-Nelson was responsible for the management and professional development of 150 volunteers, two full- time professional staff, twenty-five part-time staff, and several graduate level interns. Veseth-Nelson oversaw a comprehensive school tour program and over 100 fundraising and historical events annually. Veseth-Nelson achieved continued collaboration with NJ governmental agencies such as the New Jersey DEP and the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry.